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Performix Ultra, Performix 40, and VCT “Hercules” Performix Pro for GE LightSpeed, BrightSpeed, Optima, and Discovery CT Series

Replacements by Dunlee, Varex Imaging, GE Maxiray, and GE

Solarix MX165 and Pegasus MX135 for GE HiSpeed, BrightSpeed Select, Brivo, and Optima CT Series

Replacements by Dunlee and Varex Imaging

CTR1725, CTR1740, and CTR2150 Tubes for Philips MX4000, MX6000, MX16, and Brilliance 6/16 CT

Replacements by Varex Imaging and Dunlee/Philips

Snowbird CXB-750D Tube for Canon/Toshiba Aquilion CT Series

Replacements by Richardson Electronics and Canon/Toshiba